Saturday, April 6, 2013

Recent Interview for The Last Daughter

  Last night I had the pleasure of being interviewed by Elsie Kerns a wonderful advocate in the field of empowerment and holistic healing. A wellness educator, Elsie attended (as did I) The Barbara Brennan School of Healing and The Center for Intentional Living—an in-depth experiential learning community that explores the interface of the psychological and the sacred.

The Great Trek out of East Prussia at the end of WW2

  You may ask what healing has to do with my WW2 novel, The Last Daughter of Prussia. I would answer "a lot." I might be "putting myself out there" as the saying goes, but truthfully I feel this book was guided from the start. In the interview I talk about how, in my meditations, I often heard a compelling voice that urged me to write. I didn't know what the subject would be, but then in a string of synchronistic occurrences and in what I almost would call an epiphany, I realized I was being called on a soul level to bring to light a dark, untold chapter in German history—one that involved my family and one that lies hushed in the bones of the East Prussian people. Every family has a story, but sometimes if the story is too traumatic or shameful it remains a secret. Secrets affect all generations both past and future. The dead often can't rest in peace and the living, if they don't know about the secrets, can carry unresolved issues into their lives. Elsie Kerns and I talked about these things in the interview and how telling untold stories can heal and liberate.

My grandparents, Walter and Edith von Sanden who
survived the trek and later called me to the task
of writing the story of their vanished land.
(Photo (C) Gottlieb Family)

  I hope that by writing The Last Daughter of Prussia I have broken the festering silence and taboos long held in the hearts of many East Prussian Germans who felt they could not speak about their suffering and loss in the face of Hitler's atrocities. I hope too that I have given them a voice and honored the horrendous journey so many of them embarked upon in those final winter months of the war.

The Last Daughter of Prussia can be ordered on
in both Hard Copy and Kindle Edition

Here's the link to the interview once more. 
When you open it there will be slides that depict East Prussia
and that time during the war. 
It takes a moment for the black screen to change  
and for the slides to come up
so please be patient.

Until next time,

Marina Gottlieb Sarles


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