Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Synopsis: The Last Daughter of Prussia

   For those of you who keep asking to know more about my recently completed novel The Last Daughter of Prussia,  here is a short synopsis that will hopefully leave you wanting to know more...

    In January, 1945, in the final winter of World War II, Manya von Falken, a self-possessed young woman of the East Prussian aristocracy and her family, famous breeders of Trakehner stallions, are caught between the advancing Russian Army and orders from Adolf Hitler forbidding them to leave.

    Near the home of the family blacksmith, Manya is almost raped by Golitsin, a Russian Major determined to become a member of Joseph Stalin’s inner circle and under orders to kill all Germans in his path. A skilled huntress, Manya badly wounds Golitsin, slicing his arm from shoulder to fingertip before escaping with her horse, Aztec.

Fetzy Oz, the horse that inspired Aztec
 Fearing for their lives, she and her family defy Hitler’s orders and flee. Before they leave, Manya shares her escape route with her lover, Joshi Karas, a gifted and charismatic twenty-six year old Roma Gypsy who has broken with tradition to become a medical doctor. When his clan is murdered in a Nazi raid, Joshi is captured and taken to a concentration camp.

 While Joshi fights for his life, Manya travels north to the Frisches Haff, a frozen part of the Baltic Sea, which she and her family must cross to get to the west. However, the journey across the ice holds an even greater danger. Golitsin is just behind her. His goal: to track her down and kill her.

Will Manya and her family reach safety? Will she reunite with Joshi?  And what happens to the people of East Prussia and their beloved Trakehner horses?

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  1. Liebe Marina,

    what an interesting and inspiring blog! I had to read it all, it captured me!
    I love the photos you added and how you presence yourself. How your ancestors called you to write their story and your statement about why it is needed to bring this story, this suffering out into the world.
    Very well done with heart, knowledge and authority!

  2. I know this is going to be a truly great book. After reading Sand in my Shoes Iam sure of it. I think you should write it in German also becouse there would be great interest in it in Germany too Marina. Love and hugs from Klaus & Leslie

  3. Congratulations! And now that you are going on to tell the story of the writing in your beautiful blog is truly an inspiration. I love the stories of your family and all those old black and white pictures! I love how you link your seriousness as a child to the burden this story's needing to be told was on your spirit. I'm so glad the weight is lifted.

    I can't wait to read the finished book and learn how the story of Manya and Joshi has evolved since we heard those first chapters all those years ago! What a mighty task! What a monumental accomplishment! I'm so pleased for you!
    Love, Susan

  4. This is a powerful, riveting, and courageous story. You are an amazing writer and I am sure this achingly beautiful saga will resonate deep in the world's heart—a heart not whole until it can embrace this untold chapter of history with the compassion and grace you so naturally bring to your storytelling.

    I applaud your willingness to follow spirit's call, and can't wait to read more.


  5. Congratulations Mikki, its been a long journey and quite a feat we love the blog and wish you success for this amazing book
    nini , mary ana christina and conor

  6. The unwavering courage and relentless hope exuded by the Prussian people is a story of bravado told with such intensity and passion by you, Marina!

    It takes tremendous courage to awaken and bring awareness to that which rests dormant within us.

    Congratulations to you Mikki for being able to capture the intensity and passion of those during this time and in becoming ONE with the hearts of the people of East Prussia. You did this through your heart and the wisdom given to you through your ancestors.

    Your blog is an excellent representation of this untold story which is soon to be shared with others through the publishing of your novel!

    We love you,
    Shawnie and Kenny