Monday, June 24, 2013

The Big Apple, Shelter Island and More

Hi Everyone,

 I'm just back from a great trip to the Big Apple where I was invited to do a reading from my novel The Last Daughter of Prussia at a wonderful literary venue called KGB Literary Bar. It was a treat to read in New York (my old stomping grounds) with two other Wild River Books authors, the brilliant Joy Stocke who wrote Anatolian Days and Nights—A Love Affair with Turkey and the bright, shining Kim Nagy who read an excerpt from her soon-to-be published book The Triple Goddess Trials. I saw friends that I haven't seen in 20 odd years along with many faces I don't know.

Me reading from The Last Daughter of Prussia
at the KGB Literary Bar in New York City.

Kim Nagy of Wild River books reading about her
imagined encounter with VirginiaWoolf at the Strand bookstore.

  From NYC on to New Jersey — a great event at Waterlilies restaurant with fine food, sangria and enlightening conversations.

Kim Nagy of Wild River Books and me after setting
 up the book table at Waterlilies in NJ.

Great evening with interesting discussions
and heartfelt connections.
Thank you everyone for coming.
Shelter Island, NY was next on the tour. What a gorgeous place. I had the great pleasure of being invited to speak at the Shelter Island Public Library. Denise DePaolo is the Library Director there. She was so warm and supportive. After I read, the evening turned to deep discussions about family stories that have been held in silence for many years, stories that need telling so that healing can happen. Several courageous audience members shared fascinating and traumatic experiences about their families, allowing  tremendous honesty to fill the room.  What an honor for me to be present to such heartfelt openings. This is my prayer for The Last Daughter of Prussia—that untold stories be told and held in compassion, that the hearts and souls of people in both present, past and future generations find peace and comfort, and that greater healing and understanding evolve in our world.

Me with Denise DePaolo at the
Island Public Library.Shelter
On Saturday we took the cool ferry ride back to the mainland where I spoke with the director of the legendary East Hampton Library. It is one amazing home for books! It smells of history, wisdom, new and old books and I could have stayed there all day. I have been invited to speak there on Sept 21st, 2013 at an event which I look forward to with great enthusiasm.

My  friend, publisher, editor, PR person extraordinaire
Kim Nagy of Wild River Books
at the the beautiful East Hampton Library.
Playing Peek-a-boo at the Library with Christine Matthäi,
my dear friend and "might as well be sister" for many years.
Lastly, a gorgeous evening book signing at Dering Harbor Real Estate, with champagne and friends— a lovely party thrown for The Last Daughter of Prussia by my sweet friend Christine Matthäi.

Our table for The Last Daughter.
Old friends
My dear friend, great mentor,
drive-me-everywhere publisher and advisor Kim Nagy.
She has been so kind and generous with her time, smarts and skills
I can't thank her enough.
We have a great dog and pony show!
(Photo Courtesy Christine Matthäi)
I'm back home again. It's good to see my beautiful little family. They are so supportive when I go away and all the cooking and food shopping grinds to a halt and they are left to fend for themselves.

Here they are my two Real Estate boys:
James Sarles: my husband
Nikolai Sarles: my son —both of
Coldwell Banker/James Sarles Realty Freeport Bahamas

And now I'm off for a swim in  what I call God's Pool!

My Ocean.
(Photo Courtesy  Christine Matthäi)

Until next time,

— Marina Gottlieb Sarles