Friday, October 12, 2012

Final Countdown

Hi Everyone,

I'm down to the final elements that make up the cover of The Last Daughter of Prussia. Here's how the process of publishing my novel is unfolding for me. We're so close. I'm waiting in excited anticipation for the final countdown.

The front cover of my SOON-TO-BE-PUBLISHED novel.
I am so excited!
I wanted to tell you that the ARC's are coming out next week.
I didn't actually know what this acronym stood for but now I do!
Advanced Reader Copy
So, the process goes like this...
As a marketing tool, publishers 
(in this case my wonderful publisher WILD RIVER BOOKS)
provide free copies of new titles to 
reviewers, booksellers, journalists and even celebrities.
This happens before the book is printed for mass distribution.
When a celebrity reader or journalist gives an endorsement,
that's added to the dust-cover and other promotional items.
Reader books are normally distributed three to six months
before the book is officially released to reviewers, bookstores,
magazines and in some cases libraries.
As you can see on the spine, 
The Last Daughter will be officially released in April 2013.
 However, for all my Bahamian friends and followers
we are planning an advance publication launch and booksigning 
right here in Freeport, Grand Bahama BEFORE Christmas.
Time, Date and Venue to be announced.
So please stay tuned.
For my friends who aren't here in the Bahamas,
maybe you'll come down for the launch and 
some R&R in the sea and sun.

Here are endorsements that I have already obtained 
and that have been used for the back cover.

I thank Patricia Clough, awesome author whose fabulous book and account 
 The Great Trek–the evacuation of East Prussia–stayed
 on my desk 
throughout my entire writing journey of The Last Daughter of Prussia.

I wrote to her hardly expecting an endorsement because she is so 
busy and well-known, 
yet she was kind enough to read my novel and write a beautiful comment.

Denise Rutzou is the president of the Australian Trakehner Society.

She is such a doll for writing this touching endorsement.

I feel like we struck up a friendship via e-mail and I've told her
I want to visit her in Australia one day to meet her 
and her beloved Trakehners.

And then there is Ian Hancock. What a learned man!

He has brought huge awareness to the Romanies
 and their little understood culture.
He has represented the Romani people at the United Nations and

served as a member of the U.S. HolocaustMemorial Council 
under President Bill Clinton.

I never in my wildest dreams imagined he would write an endorsement,
but again he took the time and I am ever so grateful.

Perhaps many established authors remember 
what it was like when they first started writing.

I have other amazing endorsements too.
Erhard Schulte, the Trakehner expert in Germany 
never tired of answer my questions.

who took the time out of his busy schedule
 to read the novel, give super advice and comment.

Anne Hampson, Bestselling Romance Novelist 
 is also my dear friend and mentor.

The publisher has said that their beautiful comments
will definitely be used in the marketing of my book.


And here you have the blurb that gives you
a taste 
of what the book is about
and hopefully whets your appetite to read more.
Until next time...

Marina Gottlieb Sarles


  1. Wooohooo!!! So excited for you, and what fabulous endorsements -- high fives and hugs!!

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