Wednesday, October 26, 2011

You Tube tells a Story

East Prussians fleeing across the ice hoping to escape the invading Russian Army.
World War 2—Winter 1944/45

  A few days ago I came across four short You Tube clips that truly tell the tragic tale of what happened in East Prussia during the final winter of World War 2. I wanted to share them with you because they are so heartbreakingly sincere and because they encompass so much of what I have tried to bring to light in my upcoming novel—The Last Daughter of Prussia. 

  The clips are narrated in German with English subtitles—they aren't long and won't take up much of your time—but if you are a person who cares about  humanity they will break you open and stir your heart with compassion for all suffering meted out by the cruel hand of war. They will give you insight into that era of history and what happened to civilians in the East Prussian province at that time. I must say that I cried watching parts of the videos. The faces of the men and women stayed with me for days afterwards and their stories left bruises on my heart.

  As I post this I want you, dear reader, to understand that I am extremely conscious of the fact that what East Prussians suffered was only a fraction of the loss and suffering and pain that happened under Hitler's tyrannical rule. I have not and will never forget the Jews that died in the holocaust, the Roma gypsies that were persecuted for their culture, the handicapped that were killed because they did not fit the Aryan mold, the homosexuals and artists who died because they were seen as different—Hitler's list of the "separate, dirty and damned" was long, as is the list of the many who died fighting for what they thought they had to fight for.

  I warn you—the topics are tough—rape, death, killing. Somehow though they are brought in a manner that deeply touches the human heart. In a world where there is so much injury to mankind, to animals and to our planet, I grapple with whether or not to add more to the container full of shed tears. Still, I hope you understand that this story too must be told. It is my family's story. It belongs to my heritage and to a forgotten land. Thank you for understanding.

Part 1: Germany 1945 - The Other Story - East Prussia

Part 2: Germany 1945 -  The Other Story - East Prussia

Part 3: Germany 1945 Victim from Pommerania

Part 4: Germany 1945 Victim from Pommerania - Rape by Russians
The caption reads—My soul is at peace in God
(C) Photo Gottlieb Family

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— Marina Gottlieb Sarles

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