Thursday, September 29, 2011

On The Fly and In Between Edits

  You know by now how much I love writing posts for this blog. When I sit down to think about what I will say, I feel as though I am connecting with you, my readers (both those whom I know and those whom I haven't yet met) through the heart of the ethers. And each time it is meaningful and rich for me.

  I haven't written for a little while though, firstly because I was having fun in Italy at the Lake of Garda where my husband and I had the great fortune of staying with close friends who have a beautiful stone cottage in an ancient village called Piovere, built right into in mountains with a view to die for. Not to mention the wine, cheese, truffles, pasta, grilled coregone (trout), spiedo, (kebab with all sorts of spiced meats (including the traditional small singing birds ugh! which I did NOT ingest  - but we still had a fabulous time as the kind Italian mason, Antonio, who lives in Piovere prepared the meal)) gelatto - oh my gosh - the list is endless...   I must mention our daily swims in the lake, past Mussolini's former mansion and the lemon estates. And, unforgettable for any woman who loves shopping - the markets where you can buy cool T-shirts for 8 Euro and much, much more.

Here we are - my husband Jamie and I drinking our favorite Italian drink -  "SPRITZ"
This delicious refreshing beverage is made with Aperol, Prosecco and sparkling water.
I don't believe though that Manya and Joshi - my heroine and hero in The Last Daughter of Prussia ever tasted this delightful orange substance.
( Photo Gabi Noack)

View of Lake Garda from our friends' home in Piovere

(Photo Gabi Noack)
This church stands right next to where we were staying.
(Photo James Sarles)

 The Monte Castello Monastery which we saw every time we gazed to the north
(Photo Gabi Noack)

  The second reason I've been absent is that since my return, I've been in the throes, yet again, of another set of edits. My editor is amazing. She has helped shape this book with the mind of a genius and the patience of an angel. What I am finding is that this final process, this tweaking of words and phrases is both enjoyable and rewarding, but it does take time. So, in keeping with ease and alacrity (which I must confess, my German personality needs to practice) I'd just like to share these photos of Italy with you – a country that sings and dances in my heart as deeply as East Prussia.

Castle on Lake Garda - I'd live in the tower if I could!
Our swimming pool in Italy.
Point of entrance was  always the little pebble beach
by the Fontanella Bar in Garngano.
First a swim followed by an Aperol Spritz!
Then Gelatto - yum - for someone who doesn't normally eat ice cream, I made up for lifetimes.

Last day in Piovere - didn't want to leave.
Felt like I had lived in Italy for lifetimes.

  PS: The Last Daughter of Prussia - is really coming on. It is fun to tweak and find a thought, a word or an action for one of my characters that deepens their experience. I never thought that this process could be so exciting, so enticing and pleasurable. So you know, what happens now is that this is the last edit before the manuscript goes to the publisher. Once that happens and the galleys are sent back to me and for yet another proofing .... THEN, yay! the book will go into publication.

  I'm still holding strong for early next spring 2012.

  Thanks as always for your support. Until next time. And I promise once I get through this there will be more about East Prussia. Ciao and Auf Wiedersehen...

– Marina Gottlieb Sarles

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  1. Bellissimo! (a refreshed writer is an even More Favuloso writer!)

    Amo l'italia,


  2. I am amazed how graceful you are mastering all the tasks at hand. I know your book will be full of heart and soul, just like you.