Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Letters and Love: the power of a blog

The cow herd grazing near the Guja Lake

    Although I haven't published a blog in the last two weeks, I'm very conscious of wanting to be in touch. So funny, because I don't always know who reads the blog or where in the ethers and continents my posts are landing. All the same, this medium is an authentic form of contact with you, myself and the unknown. And, I like that. 

    Moreover, I need it. It is sustenance for my soul. I'm so grateful for your interest and the support you give in following my Blog. Just this morning, I received a note from  a woman I have never spoken to or met. She wrote that she was touched by the story on my blog about the Roma gypsy woman, Mrs Florian, who was friendly with my grandparents in East Prussia.   

Ingo, my grandparents' tame otter 
stealing a drink of milk from a teacup at the breakfast table. 
He must have been quite spoiled and from what I  gather, 
he always visited the milk shed where he begged the milker for more.

    Then, another woman wrote to tell me that her mother had been born in Guja, East Prussia in 1935 and her grandpa had tended to milking the cows on my grandfather's estate. (I bet the milk Ingo drank from that cup was procured by his hands.) Her grandma went to school with my mother, Owanta Gisela von Sanden. For me, this is a connection beyond words.

My mother, Owanta Gisela von Sanden as a little girl in East Prussia.
    When I receive letters like these I have to confess I'm so moved, I cry. It's as if somewhere out there little heart flames are bursting forth and connecting strangers from familiar worlds. I love it.

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