Thursday, January 20, 2011

The Trakehner Stallion: Characters From Life

My mother, Owanta, on her horse, Dandy.

    This is my mother Owanta on her horse, Dandy. Both of them have been an inspiration for my book. Aztec, who is the hero Trakehner in my novel, The Last Daughter of Prussia, is black with a mane of polished opals but his character is based on what I learned from my Mom about Dandy. 

    She told me again and again that he was smart, strong, full of heart. A Trakehner had to pass a very difficult compulsory performance test in order to be certified as a pedigree Trakehner. It is this combination of spirit and performance that made these horses heroes during World War II

Here's a link if you're interested and a quote from it:

'The Trakehner is the most important and outstanding of all warmblood breeds, 
renowned for their grace, power, magnificent movement, 
outstanding beauty, great ability to perform, 
they are naturally balanced and free.' 

Click here to read more about the Trakehner.

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